Accommodation User Agreement

Article 1
The Hotel provides accommodation to its customers based on the understanding that the customers and the Hotel have made an agreement based on the following:

Article 2
Accommodation may be refused to customers due to the following reasons:
If the request for accommodation is not based on this Agreement.
If the customer has been confirmed to suffer from an infectious disease.
If there is a danger that the customer may act against the public order or good morals.
If the Hotel is full and therefore has no availability.
If the Hotel is requested to fulfill particularly unreasonable requests.
If the Hotel cannot provide accommodation due to unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters or faults experienced by the establishment.
If the customer that will use the accommodation is influenced by gangsters, gangster groups, or organizations related to gangster groups, or influenced by any form of antisocial behavior.
If the customer that will use the accommodation belongs to a group or organization that controls the activities carried out by gangsters or gangster organizations.
If the customer that will use the accommodation belongs to a company whose employees belong to a gangster group or organization.
If the customer using the accommodation makes violent or unreasonable demands of the Hotel or its staff.

Article 3
Accommodation fees should be paid at the front desk by cash or using coupons approved by the Hotel.

Article 4
Customers may be refused accommodation even while already staying at the Hotel in the following cases:
If known to have brought in animals/birds (pets)
If known to have brought in items that emit foul odors
If known to have brought in a considerably large amount of goods
If known to have brought in ignitable or flammable items
If known to have used igniting implements in the room such as for cooking or heating
If speaking or singing loudly, or making loud noises in the middle in the night, causing other customers to raise complaints
If known to have used the accommodation as an office
If known to have allowed customers entry into their room (visitors should be met at the lobby) or use of the facilities
In any other cases that are non-compliant with this Agreement

Article 5
The Hotel’s responsibility for the customers’ accommodation starts from the moment when they register at the front desk (filling in the hotel register), or when they enter the room, and finishes when they vacate the room.

Article 6
The Hotel shall offer customers compensation for damages caused by the following incidents in relation to the provision of services by the Hotel:
Medical bills that arise from food poisoning or infectious diseases
Injuries caused by faults in the facilities
Incidents caused by fire or propane gas
Incidents caused by negligence by members of staff
Incidents involving valuables held in custody by the front desk
Any other case stipulated by the Compensation Act

Article 7
Customers shall be asked to compensate the Hotel for any damage or loss to the establishment’s appliances, furnishings or equipment for reasons deemed to be the responsibility of the customer (including lost keys, soiled sheets caused by babies, small children, or overuse of alcohol, etc.).

Article 8
Drivers are responsible for managing their cars in the car park. The Hotel takes no responsibility for any damages caused by customers while parking their cars.